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Portwin is born from the union of different professionals with the same common goal: to use the latest technology available to analyze, model and predict the movements in the seabed in coastal and port environments 

With proprietary technology, like the Photobathymetry, and the usage of unmanned aerial and maritime vehicles together with machine learning to obtain a digital twin able to provide immediate solutions and predict the seabed behaviour. 

We provide precision bathymetry that speeds up the risk analysis and the evaluation of extreme scenarios to provide a safer navigation experience in ports. 

Photobathymetry, the next aerial revolution

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The Photobathymetry is a technique developed by PorTwin that allows the use of aerial drones for gathering bathymetry data in coastal environments. using techniques from photogrammetry and a proprietary algorithm that allows to correct the water refraction induced error. 

As a result we are able to offer a high precision level in coastal environments, reducing drastically the operation time with manned boats to a fraction and having not just a point cloud but a perfect 3D model with real colours. 

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Digital twins for port environments

Monitorize everything that happens in the navigation channel and predict future problems that require dredges

Aerial & Maritime drones

Bathymetry operations in a more efficient and economic way that traditional methods.

Adapted digital twin

Every Digital Twin reflects the marine currents and de seabed movements specifically for each port.

AI Maintenance

With Machine Learning techniques & algorithms we are able to foresee the problems saving up to a 30% in dredges to ports.

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